2.4. Wiring for sound of the pictographic signs

The very frequent occurrence and the place of occurrence of the three vertical lines as a single sign suggests its meaning: БОГO [Bogo]. In the abovementioned monograph by O.S. Grinevich, this sign was wired for sound with БОГА [Boga]. We prove our conclusion by deciphering the adjective божен [bozhen] (equivalent to English divine), written down using syllabic signs previously formerly wired for sound in form  and their superlative form најбожен [naibozhen] (equivalent to English the most divine) .

The three inclined lines occur in a specific construction to define the term СВЕТОСТ [svetost](equivalent in English the Eminence), in original inscribed as:

which was wired for sound as (the way it is read from right to left):
оТ(Р)ЛадопсоГ еВeeЗаН ИоМ еЃИ оТ(Р)ЛадопсоГ еВeeЗаН ИоМ
[ot(r)ladopsog  eveezan iom  ejgi  ot(r)ladopsog eveezan iom]

which was translated into Macedonian as
Господарите на Господарите [gospodarite na gospodarite]
(equivalent to English Masters of the Masters)
Gospodin Gospodin [gospodin gospodin]
(equivalent to English Master Master)

which associates with present-day title and addressing His Beatitude - the Head of the Macedonian Orthodox Church Господин Господин [gospodin gospodin], which is the way of addressing heads among the Orthodox churches.

In another form, it occurs as a synonym of the pharaohs, i.e. for "Our Living Masters," originally inscribed in form                                                                                                 

which was wired for sound as (the way it is read from right to left):
aТ(Р)ЛадопсоГ еВeeЖаН ИоМ
[at(r)ladopsog eveehzan iom]

and translated into contemporary Macedonian language:
Моите живи господари [moite zhivi gospodari]
(equivalent to English My Living Masters)

If for the sign we conclude the pronunciation of soft P[r], as is the case in contemporary Macedonian language, then from the analysis of the previous examples of the three inclined lines we can definitely give the wiring for sound of ГОСПОДА [gospoda] (equivalent to English Masters).