1.1. Wiring for sound of the syllabic signs

The wiring for sound of the identified syllabic signs can be realized by finding words in the text which have preserved their meaning to the present day in languages or dialects in the Balkan area or farther afield in the European area. In this phase the analysis will, of course, be based on a comparison between words from the text of the Rosetta Stone and archaisms from the dialects of the contemporary Macedonian language. According to this, in the table bellow, we are presenting very basic definition words in an adequate sequence, which we were using for establishing sound values for the identified signs in our previous works, [12], [14].

Table 1 – Definition words for sound value of identified signs (written in Cyrillic)

In the previous table, we give only an excerpt from a much larger number of definition words that we are used to obtain sound value of consonant and assignment of sound value for vowel, which is given with the rotation of initial sign form.

When writing a sound value of the syllable, we use a combination of one capital letter indicating leading consonant, and one small letter for a vowel in the syllable