8.1. Analysis of the first order

The first order begins with the expression to be made of stone, in the original written as:

The order continues with:

which means:
Камени градби (храмови) на:
Богот Змија од устието, Бога од Асуан и Бога Нашион.  
[kameni gradbi (hramovi) na:
bogot zmija na ustieto, boga od asuan i boga nashion]

(equivalent to English
Stone construction (temples) of:
God Snake of the Mouth, the God of Asswan and our God.)

The order continues with the names of the three regions of the land, the first is Egypt, the second asswan, and the third is the land of the greatest God Cho NaThnani, the expression written in original:

Equivalent in English
In Egypt   In all of Sinai  The greatest god Cho of Thnani   

In respect of the Greek text, here we find significantly more precise information which indirectly proves the primary importance of this text in respect of the other two.