4.3. The family name of the emperor (pharaoh)

The family name of the emperor, i.e. the name of the dynasty was recognized in the expressions (read from right to left):

Translated into contemporary Macedonian for the name of the dynasty was obtained in a descriptive form:

наиценето наисемејство од град на карпа изградениот
[naitseneto naisemeistvo od grad na karpa izgradeniot]

equivalent to English the most respected the most family from town on the stone built)

The following expression was used for translation in the ancient Greek text

Which is read by present day scholarship in succession as one word

The first wordis a term for town,is a preposition, ands a goddess of (the) earth of the ancient Greeks.

This practically means that the termmeans in ancient Greek town of the goddess of (the) earth, which coincides completely with our reading of the corresponding term in the middle text of the stone.