2.1.3. Wiring for sound of the inclined syllabic signs

Unlike the asymmetrical signs, where the vertical line is dominant in the basic sign, in the inclined signs an inclined line is dominant. And for these signs no more than 4 positions for writing were identified.

The formation of syllables with corresponding vowels is demonstrated in the table shown below, positions 3, 9, 10, 11, 12 and 13, respectively.

In the text the sign for the consonant Љ[lj] most frequently occurs in a syllable with the vowel y[u], which is also characteristic in the contemporary Macedonian language.

The first sign left to right in the analyzed text is a rotated form of the sign Б[b] for 45 degrees in the clockwise direction. No defining word for this sign has yet been found in today's Macedonian language, and our assumption is that most probably it represents the consonant Ф[f].